About Me:

I am a certified nurse-midwife and lactation consultant working in hospital practice in Seattle, Washington. I graduated from Seattle University with a master’s of science in nursing in 2013. My path to midwifery has involved serving people in a number of different capacities during pregnancy, birth, postpartum, breastfeeding, and beyond.

I worked as a doula for about eight years prior to becoming a midwife, and the intensity of connection I developed with my clients as I joined them on the path towards parenthood shaped the course of my professional life. I went from birth and postpartum doula work, to childbirth education and birth photography, to becoming an IBCLC (international board certified lactation consultant), to working as a birth assistant for out-of-hospital midwives, to providing inpatient and outpatient lactation support as an RN/IBCLC, to midwifery school, and now I am happily transitioned into my role providing hospital-based midwifery care to a diverse clientele in Seattle.

Special interests of mine include providing compassionate, empowering healthcare services to survivors of sexual abuse and assault (among other forms of trauma), working with queer/genderqueer/transgender clients (for well-person care for those assigned female at birth, as well as care during and after pregnancy), mindfulness meditation, and the ways in which art, poetry, and dance can promote healing.



Robin Reed, CNM



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